Although a personal description is not something easy to put into words, for me the photographs are really the expression of the life of the maker. I express myself photographically because it has become a way of seeing, a way of being. I’m always curious and seeking inspiration in the simple things. I consider myself very lucky to be able to do what I love to do, and that is to take photographs.

When I take a photograph it’s all about the feeling I want to capture and to communicate. My style during the day remains unobtrusive as I’m looking for natural, raw emotions. Except for the photo-session, I’m working to the extent that it is possible to be non-intrusive, non-hoping, non-improving. Ultimately, it’s about having respect for the event and for the particularities and uniqueness of each subject.

I think we learn from every experience we have. That’s why I need to have a good personal experience in order to take a picture. That’s probably why I love working with kind, honest, real people, photographing reality and documenting life. For me, this leads to producing images of direct, simple beauty and truthfulness; exactly what I’m after. No matter how difficult it is to be simple, or easy to be complicated. Photography taught me to be more of a human being, to be less judgemental, more open and to stay humble because tomorrow isn’t promised and you never know what may happen.

Thank you.

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